Tuesday, 22 November 2016

It's Over

Today me and Ben made the decision to end things.
We never even made it out. He gave up. It absolutely breaks my heart to know I can no longer just pick up the phone to talk to him, To know that we will never argue over whether dragon ball z is a cartoon or anime. To know that when I get scared he will no longer be there to comfort me.
It breaks my heart to hear him cry. To tell me he will never get over me. To hear him say he has failed because he is incapable to make me happy.
We were together for nearly a year and a half. In that time we have made so many happy memories that I will quite simply treasure for the rest of my life.
I remember dancing in his room to rubbish music and laughing until I couldn't breath. Sitting down every week to watch tattoo fixers and the last leg. Debating subject he knew nothing about but doing it any way so he could see the smile on my face when I knew I had won. Seeing how proud he was of me whenever I sold one of my necklaces.
I look back and honestly I don't think I ever appreciated the little things. I don't think I ever even noticed.
Ben has quite frankly stolen a piece of my heart. I know I will treasure our love for the rest of my life.
It is going to take me a hell of a long time to move forward and I will cry from time to time but one day I know we will both be happy be it together or living out separate lives I know I will always love him.
Goodbye my Love XXX

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