Tuesday, 18 February 2014

MCM Comic Con Telford

So on Saturday the 15th of February I went to comic con with my friend Josh. It was bloody amazing. I got to meet the lovely Hannah Spearritt. I may of got a tad star struck lol!!! 
But this blog isn't really about what an amazing day it was and all the funky costumes I saw. No this blog is about how that friend Josh hurt me. 
I guess you could say that Saturday was our first official date, we had been I guess seeing each other for around two months. I really liked him and I thought he liked me too. After I got home on saturday I received a text and this is what it said:
i think it would be good for you to know i've decided on what i want, but im not sure how to put it... i think we should just be friends as i cherish this friendship a lot and don't want to lose it. i'm afraid if something happened we wouldn't like each other. i hope this doesn't upset you after a brilliant day, thank you for understanding and thank you for today i appreciate it :)
That text ruined my day. He lead me on the whole time. The trouble is I don't hate him like I probably should, I hate the way he made me feel. I always new nothing would come of this. I would have been deluding my self otherwise. But even so this text came as a complete shock to me I didn't know what to think to I lied and said:
That's absolutely fine
I was not fine, I felt empty inside. I cried myself to sleep that night and woke up the next day still crying. I felt so pathetic crying over a school girl crush. Because that is essentially what it was. I am sure that many of you know what i am feeling right now...that is  if anyone actually gives a damn about this blog. 
So to end this here are a couple of photos from Saturday!!!

As always 
Love Hayley Beth Xxx

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