Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hey guys!!!
So from this blog's title it wouldn't surprise me if some of you thought I was going to rant about the sea or something but that is not the case. This is less of a rant but more of a plea. As some of you know I am pretty big fan of the band Tides. They are currently trying to raise funds to be able to tour the country and release a load of new music. To do this they have decided to offer their fans some fantastic opportunities to get involved. They have done this buy signing up to a website called Fan Republic. On this website you have the chance to purchase loads of great merchandise and exclusives. I have done my bit by buying a merchandise bundle for only £15. Prices start at only £1 and go up to £350 for a private gig (if only I could afford that one!!!). They need to raise £1500 and if they don't reach that target by the 2nd of march all monies will be refunded. Please help them out I know it would mean the world to many people around the country!!!
Please check them out on the above links and help their campaign.
As always
Love Hayley Beth xxx

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