Saturday, 15 July 2017

I Built a Terrarium!!!

Ok I know four posts in a week plus a giveaway, I am spoiling you!!!

So this blog is inspired by Wednesdays post. After looking at so many brilliant terrariums by the fantastic Indoor Botanist I decided to give it a go myself. And I have to say I enjoyed it (even if I did get stabbed).

The hardest thing was finding the right container or vessel. But finally, I found a simple glass vase in TK Maxx for just £4.99. I also found a massive tank for just £20 that I would love to eventually create something awesome with.

So how did I make it? First of all, I poured in a layer of stones (£1 for a bag in B&M). I then added a layer of potting soil (£2.50 for a big bag from Wilko). Now, this is the tricky part, getting the cacti from the pots into the terrarium. As you can see from the photos I chose some particularly mean cacti. I ended up wrapping them in a tea towel and pushing them in with a spoon. Probably not the most conventional method. The cacti were actually super affordable (from £1 at Wilko). I then added a couple more stones to the top as decoration (and to support on of the cacti). And Pow you have a simple terrarium. Now, this is what I am most impressed with! I have finally started to get a hang of my camera so admire these beautiful photos!!!

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Love Hayley Beth XXX

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  1. Stunning! I've never thought of building my own before!

  2. Hey - I love this. It looks so good. Might have to give it a try myself! X