Friday, 6 January 2017

Over Thinking | Anxiety Talks

Part of my anxiety is that I over think literally everything. For example I could go on a date and then not hear from the guy, my brain will spend 100% of its time creating scenarios (some of which are so unrealistic it is stupid) as to why he hasn't replied and I end up believing them.
Over thinking is definitely the one thing that affects me more than anything else. I am scared that it will prevent me from meeting people and taking on opportunities that I will never get offered again.
I think that it is one thing that I don't know how to control and that is definitely what bugs me the most and get me down.
If anyone does have any advice as to how i can control this I would be so appreciative. How do you stop it?

I know this was just a short post today, but this is just something that has really been bugging me the last week or so.

As always
Much love

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