Friday, 25 July 2014

It's a catasThore

OK yes I know that is an absolutely awful title but I had to do it!!!
So I am sure most of you will have heard about marvels latest decisions regarding certain characters. I have to say I am immensely disappointed in their decision to make Thor a girl. especially as there main reason is gender equality. How is removing one gender and replacing it with another equal?
It is not.
Instead they should promote their current female characters such as Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Psylocke.
I have also been notified of another change being made to Captain America. The change of race is incredibly inaccurate because why would the government choose to make a person of African heritage a super soldier in a time where Negroes were faced with immense discrimination? It is factually very inaccurate. again they could create new characters or promote existing characters such as Luke Cage, Storm and Amadeus Cho.
Because of these decisions myself and some friends have decided to attempt to take some form of action. I have set up a petition on a brilliant plat form called Every time someone signs the petition Marvel will recieve an email informng them on this.
So this blog is a call for help. A plea even. Please even if you don't care about marvel please sign my petition. This is about more than some characters this is about trying to capitalise on anti-discrimination. Plus by marvel making these decisions it means that we will no longer be able to watch the beautiful Chris Hemsworth dressed as a Norse God.
So please click here and add your name to the growing list of supporters.
As always thank you for reading. A lot of you will not understand how excited i get every time someone reads this!!!
Love Hayley Beth xxx
Reverse the changes made to many well known characters

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