Monday, 4 August 2014

Thanks For Not Sucking As Friends

As I am writing this I am sat in a cafe next to the sea drinking a hot chocolate. That's right I am on holiday!!! Now I wanted to write this blog because I am missing my two best friends. 
They are called Harry and Ricki.
Ricki is like a big brother to me which is great because I don't have a brother of my own. We have talked about Australian guys till the early hours of the morning and I have given him relationship advice (although bad advice as I haven't a clue when it actually comes to relationships). I have told him the stuff I would never be able to tell another sole but I can trust him. I don't know what I would do with out him.
Harry is my best buddy. we do pretty much everything together we go shopping, watch films, he meets me for lunch. Considering I used to think he was an annoying kid our relationship has changed a heck of a lot. 
Because of my friendship with these two amazing guys a lot of rumours have been started. the biggest one being that I fancied Ricki which would be wrong on so many levels especially as he is practically my brother. But what you have to understand is that most rumours are started by jelous people. many people do not have the kind of friendship that we have. 
I have made so many memories with these guys and that has just been in the past few months. My favourite memory is what I like to call the Ice Gem and Donkey incident. We had just been to see the amazing movie that is 22 Jump Street when Ricki did the clever thing of making a comment about this guys shirt. Now this guy didn't hear this comment but his short friend did. Now this short guy decided to pipe up and fight a battle that wasn't his to  fight. After he had finished we walked off but he did the lovely thing of telling his buddy. This consequently caused us to be followed. Now you are going to think there was some massive show down and punches were thrown, but no. All they wanted was an apology. And that is what they got. I was pretty disappointed with that anti climax!!!
I can talk to these guys about anything from guys to marvel films. I love them they are my favourite people and I love them.
Now you are probably thinking that i am going to tell you that this shows that guys and girls can be friends without anything romantic happening. But I can not. 
As always 
Love Hayley Beth XXX

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