Saturday, 5 March 2016


So I've kinda neglected you guys for a little while. I'm sorry I just haven't had time to blog...
So what has happened since my last geeky post?
Well I had an awesome Christmas with my gorgeous boyfriend who spoilt me rotten, I had a spontaneous valentines and I am moving stores!!!
Although a lot is going well at the moment anxiety keeps rearing it's evil head and unfortunately it is starting to get me down. I haven't been able to hide my down days so much and Ben has seen things I never wanted him to see. My down days are pretty hard to come out of as well. So because of this I have decided that I will start to post every day. It might not be a big entry like this one but it will be something that made me smile. It could be a photo, a quote or a news article. 
So starting tomorrow I will start posting everyday. It may be the only thing I have smiled at in a day so I want to share it!!!

Thank you for still reading my posts while I have been gone.
As Always 
Love Hayley Beth xxx

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