Sunday, 18 October 2015

I'm a Geek!!!

Now I've always been a self confessed geek girl, I've never really been ashamed of this fact.
One thing I have been collecting for a little while now are Pop Vinyls. Every month I get a surprise Pop Vinyl from this great website 'pop in a box'.
Every month they send me a mystery pop off of my thumbs up list. These are all the pops that I have said that I wanted. This way you don't receive any unwanted pops.
So far I have received: Thor, Groot, Iron Man, Olaf, Coronation Anna, Dumbldore and Batman dressed as the Joker!!!
Now because I love my collection so much I have a great offer for you. If you click here you will receive 5% off your first box. Doesn't sound like much? Well when boxes start from only £8.95 it really is a great offer. you are actually getting the pops cheaper than retail price and if you order more than one at a time you get them even cheaper!!!
You can also buy pops in the pop store as well so if you cant wait for a specific pop to be chosen for you, you don't have to!!!
So go check it out. If you do subscribe comment what you receive as your first mystery pop!!!!
As always my munchkins
Love Hayley Beth xxx

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