Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Is It Too Soon?

As many of you know I live on my own. Some of you may know that where I live is a complete shit hole. Because of this I am looking to move out. If you follow me on instagram or twitter you will know about my new relationship. I don't want to say too much but what I will say is that we met on a night out and we have been together for just over a month. I do like him very much and well I hope it goes better than the previous ass holes I have encountered.
The reason I have mentioned him is because one of the options I have been given is to move in with him and his mother. Now don't get me wrong I would freaking love to, I am spending the majority of my time there as it is and me and his mum are getting on like a house on fire. She is teaching me how to cook and we have home and away marathons together.
But is it too soon?
I know everything has gone fast between us but there are some things I want to take slow. By officially moving in I am giving up my own sanctuary where I can run away to when we get too much for each other but at the same time I want to spend every spare minute with him. There  isn't the issue of what if you split up because I'm just going to say it, I don't want to I want to spend my life with him and make a future but I don't want to jeopardise that by moving in.
This will be my only post about him on here as I don't wish for my entire life to be public any more. I have shared things on here that I don't necessarily regret doing but the entire world did not need to know and I  wont lie I did receive hate for it.
Thank you for reading
Love Hayley Beth xxx

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