Sunday, 5 April 2015

Karma is going to bite you in the dick

So recently I decided to get tinder and see what it was all about. This was prompted by seeing how happy my house mate is after falling in love on tinder.
At first I was just using the app to take the piss out of guys and their chat up lines.
But then I met Ben.
I don't know why but he was the only guy I wanted to meet, so I did.
He was a great guy. We geeked out over Harry Potter and messed about. But then he took it too far.
He begged me for several hours. Eventually the pressure got too much and I gave in.
To me sex is incredibly serious, I don't just give it away. What hurt me the most when he revealed his true motive was that he said 'Oh it's tinder what did you expect?'
So just because you meet girls on an app that means to say you can degrade them. You wouldn't do this if you met them in a bar or if you were set up by friends. So what makes it ok? Girls on tinder aren't necessarily sluts. Take me for example, I want to go on old fashioned dates and actually have a relationship. I don't wanna have a quick fuck with someone who has a tiny dick.
I guess what I am trying to get across in this post is that guys please stop treating girls like your little play thing and girls use the three date rule. Or just don't meet a guy unless they are going to actually take you out somewhere. We are worth far better and just because a guy expects you to act a certain way. Break the mould.
Karma will bite Ben on the dick and he will hopefully learn.
As always
Love Hayley Beth xxx

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