Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Love, A New Me and An Evil Notebook

Well hello there!!!
So I have to apologise for my last blog it wasn't my finest hour but I guess it just shows that I am human! Anyway I thought I would just tell you what I have been up to recently!
As I have mentioned in previous blogs I have a boyfriend. So here are a few things about him. His name is harry, he is obsessed with skateboards and  motorbikes, he supports Birmingham City and he tells awful jokes. currently I haven't heard from him since Monday. And it is killing me. most people will think so what it ain't that long but when you are used to hearing from someone everyday it sucks. This is all because he is currently on a residential as part of his Princes Trust course. I miss him so much and time seems to be going by so slowly without him. I often worry that my constant need to hear from him is holding him back especially when he is with his new friends from the princes trust like he is moving on in life and I am just stuck where I am.
So that got deep. so what else have I been up to? Well I had a day off on Tuesday so I got all dressed up and went shopping. I have to say I felt far more confident in myself wearing nice clothes and make-up so I dunno this is the new me!!!
While I  was out shopping I found this really cute notebook with the words evil plans and stuff written on the front. As soon as I saw it I thought of my best friend and fellow blogger Kirstie (check out her latest blog here). She is absolutely nutty so when I see here next she has herself a little present lol!
I also bought myself a cute bag and purse from BHS and a skirt also from BHS. I paid for them using my star of the month gift card (that's right I am awesome at work lol!!!)
Tomorrow I am heading over to my Big brothers house for a day of movies, munchies and possibly a McDonalds.
So yeah I don't have the most exciting life but it is my life and well I love it!!!
So um yeah thanks for reading!!!
Love Hayley Beth xxx

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