Friday, 20 June 2014

Free As A Bird

So today I took my final ever exam!!!
I have to say it went rather well or at least I hope it did. I was lucky and got two questions on human rights and then two very nice questions about NCS.
Any way a lot has happened since I last blogged over two months ago now I think. so here goes:

  • I was called a psychotic bitch by someone who doesn't really know me
  • I had my hair highlighted for the first time
  • I helped plan a sixth form party which has now been cancelled
  • I may or may not of temporarily stole a teachers trainers in order to get the netball trophy back
  • I have managed to put on a stone and 2 pounds 
  • and finally I am going to be leaving school on Monday
I also think I lost a good friend. Lets call her Annie. Annie and I have been really goo friends these past two years and although we had our ups and down I think I could always depend on her to be their for me and visa versa. But this week she has been rather challenging. In fact I guess you could say I feel like all my efforts to help her have been thrown back in my face. You see she is a textiles student and that means all of her work has to go up in an exhibition. Now Annie whose work may I add is amazing, was rather slow to do this. Some of her work was actually incomplete. Being the person I am (I feel bad when people who I care about do not fulfil their potential) I tried to help her get it all up and when I moaned at her for not completing it she, well she disappeared. She did the rather childish thing of hiding in teachers class rooms. It really upset me because the only reason why I had attended school that day was to help her get her final bits up on her board. I well I have now given up on her because in a way she seem like a bit of a lost cause always pushing away help when people attempt to give it to her and then trying to get all the attention she possibly can when she knows she is in the wrong.

Any way on to my future. I am currently looking for full time employment, preferably with in human resources as this for some strange reason that not many people can get their heads around I really enjoy it. Strange huh!!!  I am also hoping to do NCS which is a great programme aimed at 16-17 year olds. Basically it is two weeks away from home at residential's and then you do about a week helping out in your community and making a difference. You also get to go to one big graduation party!!! In my local area of Gloucester you have to pay £35 but this is given back to you on completion of the programme. This scheme is only available in England and Northern Ireland so sorry to all you guys around the word!!!

I would also like to work at Glastonbury Festival with Greenpeace next year and I would also love to work as a councillor at Camp America. 
I hope you guys will continue to follow me on my adventures in the coming years and I thank you for all the support you have given me through this blog by just reading it.

As always my lovelies
Love Hayley Beth xxx

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