Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Need to rant

So this is going to be a bit like my diary and I am just going to rant about my life right now. And I know many of you will think your life isn't all that bad blah blah blah but for me it is. So here goes...
I have been arguing with my parents a lot recently, so much that I am on the verge of being kicked out (or am but currently have no where to go so they are stuck with me). I don't know what it is we argue about, if I am honest it is pretty much them telling me how I have no respect and how I am a complete failure at life and me zoning out because it is like a broken record.
They are also having a go at me because I do not eat 'properly'. Now this is purely because I was working late last night so I had a meal deal from the co-op instead of a cooked meal. Since when did not having a cooked meal mean I am not eating properly? Surely she should be more concerned about world poverty or global warming rather than my consumption!!!
So what has come out of these arguments you may ask? Well as soon as I finish my A Levels I am going to try and get a full time job and consequently move out. So I am currently looking into the idea of a flat share but I will only be able to move out if I can get regular full time hours otherwise I am stuck in this hell hole.
Sorry for such an uplifting blog (sarcasm intended) and hopefully I can report on something more interesting than my existence next time.
As always
Love Hayley Beth xxx

P.S. just an update on Tides fundraising campaign; they managed to raise a whopping £1806 beating their target of £1500.

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