Monday, 7 October 2013


Teenagers are awkward.
OK well that is quite a blanket statement but in the main it is true. I know I can be quite an awkward teenager especially when it comes to those people I like or that I know possibly like me. This I have to say is happening at the moment. My friend whom I won't name has been acting weird (or shall we say awkward) around me recently and I am not the only one to realise it. It started with him winking at me and then watching my every move as i walked through a classroom no he can barely talk to me. And it is not just the things that I notice him saying. Many of our friends have told me about things he has said to them and the things he wants to say to me.
To be completely honest I want this to stop because i now find it awkward to be round my friends because of this. And to make matters worse one of our friends is just adding fuel to the fire by completely taking the mick out of him.
So as you can see teenagers are awkward and there isn't much we can do about it but I have to say I do believe that we will learn from this period of time to become socially capable adults.
as always love Hayley Beth xxx

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