Thursday, 6 April 2017

Here Is To The Future

So this week I decided to make a real commitment to my little online business. I and going to post at least three new items every week along with at least one flash sale a week.
I am also going to try and take part in more craft fairs. In order to do this I will be relying on friends and family for support and lifts. In three years time I would love for making these little crafts and jewellery to be my full time job. I would love to be able to travel the country visiting craft fairs. Locally the pinnacle would be to take part in the monthly markets that take place at the Gloucester Quays Designer  Outlet.
Because I want this to be a success I am going to be making the move to selling my goods on etsy. This means I would really like to re-shoot all of items in a more professional manner. So if any friends would be able to help  we with photography or modelling of my jewellery I would be eternally grateful. I can pay you in pizza!!!
I also really enjoyed making the bath bombs so every month I will be releasing a new flavour or design!!! Again these will be sold or the bargain price of just £2.50 each!!! In May i will start selling three beautiful flavours being lavender fields, cucumber and green tea, and coconut dreams. I am also looking to release a unicorn themed bath bomb but that is just a dream!!!

These next few months are going to be full of hard work but I hope it all pays off and to all my friends who are able to help me with my dream, thank you honestly it means the world to me!!! So please tell your friends, show them what I make and encourage them to support my dream too!!!

Here is to the future

Love Hayley Beth XXX

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