Monday, 18 November 2013

The Ugly Truth

I originally set out for this to be a blog based on book reviews, but since then I have been showed the many horrors this world has to offer. I recently read an article on the ugly truth of UGG the boots that are not just made out of sheep's wool but also the skin. Yes that is right their skin.  This basically means that the sheep are mutilated unnecessarily. Peta launched a campaign last year to reform the way Australian sheep farmers work. here is a video to show you exactly what goes on. Unfortunately this video is extremely shocking and may not be suitable for some readers.
As you can see these sheep are treated horrifically but this doesn't stop at just sheep. The horrible truth is that most animal products are produced in this way. The only way this is going to stop if farmers are better regulated and they get a better price for their produce. There isn't much we can do when it comes to acts like this apart from protest in form of boycotts. If enough people boycott UGG products maybe we will make a difference. But it isn't just up to us. UGG has make enough profit that they could help reform this all by themselves, by helping farmers rear more appropriate breeds of sheep for the climate. So I ask you this what will you do about this?
Love Hayley Beth xxx

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