Thursday, 3 May 2012

when you think you have friends

i always knew i wasn't that good at making friends but when i found myself surrounded my a great group of people i thought my life was complete.  i was loyal to those friends, always remembered their birthdays and made sure they were always happy.  but when they suddenly start to turn against you for no apparent reason that you can see you start to worry especially when the one person who really doesn't like you turns everyone else against you.  i feel lost at school now.  OK, yes i do have plenty of other friends at school but these are my close friends one of which i have known since the day i was born.  i now feel i have no one that i can tell everything to at school and it is getting me down but these people are leaving at the end of the year and going to college so hopefully i will make some great new friends who are doing the same subjects as me next year!!!

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